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Ninth Circuit Affirms Illegality of Tribes Online Gambling Site

Under the UIGEA, gambling is the participants decision to wager money on the bingo game, the government told the court, which occurs off Indian lands. We reject Iipays argument that the patrons decision to submit a requested wager of a particular monetary denomination is merely a pre-gaming communication with the patrons designated proxy, the Ninth Circuit wrote, siding with the government. The district court found that it was uncontested that the act of clicking Submit Request! by a patron was a bet or wager within the meaning of the UIGEA. The district court based this finding on the fact that the patrons were staking something of value on the outcome of the bingo game, but the court could just have easily found that the patrons were giving แทงบอลออนไลน์ พันทิป instructions or information pertaining to the establishment or movement of funds by the bettor or customer in, to, or from an account with the business of betting or wagering. Iipay did not contest the findings on appeal and it seems clear that at least some of the gaming activity associated with DRB does not occur on Indian lands and is thus not subject to Iipays jurisdiction under [the] IGRA, the court said. The findings also undermined the tribes position that the IGRA shielded DRB from the application of the UIGEA.

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